by Bernard Tardieu


We have just received this lovely note from Sir David Attenborough about his copy of Creation!

You and your school will be in very good company if you buy a copy too!

Introducing Creation

Creation is the last work completed by French artist Bernard Tardieu before he experienced a stroke in 2013 at the age of 83.

Bernard remains partially paralysed on his right side and every attempt to resume his work would completely drain him of energy. The only thing that still mattered to him was that Creation would be seen and serve its purpose as a medium for education.

When an image of Creation went viral on Twitter in November 2017, it prompted Bernard’s family to work to reproduce this stunning piece as an A1 Poster, for sale and as a free resource to schools.

Bernard Tardieu

Originally trained as a design draughtsman, Bernard became known as “one of the best medical illustrators in the world”.  As hand-drawn illustrations became increasingly replaced by computerised images, Bernard turned his skills to other mediums, specialising in line drawing.  His true passion, as shown in Creation, has always been representing animals and undertaking work that was educative as well as aesthetically perfect.


Creation is now available to buy as an A1 Poster, printed on high quality matte art paper, priced at £22.99, plus overseas postage if outside the UK.

Every purchase includes a free copy of the poster sent to a nominated school of your choice.

Once you have paid please contact us below with your nomination. If you do not wish to nominate a school, we will happily choose one for you!

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