Bernard Tardieu

Bernard started his career as a trained design draughtsman before moving onto medical illustration with the medical publishers, Librairies Maloine, then Masson. Critics in the field considered Bernard “one of the best medical illustrators in the world” and compared him to the American surgeon and illustrator Frank Netter.
He notably participated, and later published under his own name, in L’Essentiel series, destined to become required material for medical students and a work of which he was particularly proud.

In the early 1980s hand-drawn illustrations were gradually replaced by computerised ones. Bernard and his family decided to move to Normandy and Bernard started working on different subjects and mediums, exhibiting his work regularly. He specialised in line drawing – a work much like that of the ancestors he discovered while still in Paris, all engravers or painters since the 17th century!  He has drawn many of the manors, castles and private estates in Normandy.

However, Bernard’s true passion has always been representing animals and undertaking work that was educative as well as aesthetically perfect. So, while still doing commission work, he started drawing Creation at the beginning of 2013 and completed the work over many months, adding his signature and the date of completion only weeks before he experienced a stroke which left him no longer able to work.

Bernard at work on Creation

Nicolas-Henry Tardieu
“Graveur Ordinaire” to Louis XIV

Some of Bernard’s artwork can be seen on this old website